How we work

Our programme focuses upon each child’s individual needs as we believe each child is unique and develops at their own pace. 

Our ethos involves starting where the child is at. We tailor our programme according to the areas that each child may require support and challenge within. 

We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

Our programme focuses upon each child’s individual needs as we believe each child is unique and develops at their own pace.



Book a FREE initial assessment via the link below.



Your child will attend the assessment session where we will gain an insight of their learning needs.


Support Plan

Your child will attend their weekly sessions and homework packs will be sent out on a weekly basis.



Learning Resources

At Masterminds, we use learning resources published by the best companies to support your child’s individual programme. This is underpinned by the Curriculum for Excellence Early, First and Second levels to guide our programme. We embed ‘active learning’ within our sessions which encourages students to use their problem-solving skills, discussion and critical thinking throughout.

Numeracy Resources

Our numeracy resource encourages students to use concrete and pictorial materials to further deepen their conceptual understanding. We also develop mental arithmetic as we believe this supports our students in real life situations. 

Literacy Resources

Within literacy, we use a variety of resources which will support our pupils to develop their vocabulary, grammar, spelling, comprehension skills and/ or writing in different genres. We also offer phonics support for early years in a fun manner using concrete materials and learning games. Lastly, we offer ‘Getting ready for School’ sessions to pre-schoolers to give their literacy, numeracy and listening skills a little boost before they embark on their next milestone. 

Book Your Free Assessment

At Masterminds, we offer a free assessment in areas of learning that your child may require support and challenged within. This assessment will take roughly an hour for each subject and will allow your child to experience our fun, interactive and encouraging environment. From this, we will tailor your child’s programme to meet their individual needs. 

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